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Curriculum/Instructional Designer

We are looking for:

The Curriculum/Instructional Designer, with the guidance of the Stylists’ Training Manager, applies J.Hilburn's instructional design methodology to produce training that equips Stylists with the skills necessary to effectively perform to J.Hilburn’s standards.

Curriculum/Instructional Designers understand the context within which the training is to be delivered and the skills objectives to be achieved. And they build collaborative relationships with Stylists and other J.Hilburn colleagues to secure their input and commitment to delivering the best possible training, learning environment and performance outcomes for the Stylists.

Core Accountabilities

Accurately understand, explain, and derive implications from the context within which Stylist training is developed, including:
• J.Hilburn’s Purpose, Goals, and Performance KPIs for Independent Stylists.
• other jobs and role relationships within J.Hilburn that have an impact on Stylist performance and whose incumbents are potential Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for Stylist training course design, development, and implementation.
• The implications of J.Hilburn's Stylist Training Policy for course design, development, and delivery.

Master and apply J.Hilburn's systematic instructional design methodology to produce Stylist training courses to the defined standard, including:
• Defining the skills needed to perform effectively in the Stylist role.
• Understanding the Stylist population and the learning environment in which training will be delivered.
• Designing and getting agreement the overall Stylist training course framework and clear Skills Objectives for each module within the course.
• Developing, testing, and finalizing the content, delivery methods and evaluation criteria for each course module.
• Supporting the implementation and evaluation of the training.
• Routinely reviewing and improving the training content, delivery, and evaluation processes.
• Designing and developing job aids to supplement Stylist training, where appropriate.

Establish collaborative work relationships at multiple levels within the Company, including:
• Eliciting insights and feedback from colleagues whose roles and actions directly impact Stylist success and have implications for their training.
• Engaging relevant colleagues as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the training development and testing processes.
• Supporting colleagues who may be involved in coaching the Stylists as they complete their training and refine their learnings.
• Participate in the planning and delivery of content at the Company’s Annual meetings and contribute to other company initiatives as assigned.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• A fundamental curiosity to know more about a topic and to master effective questioning, empathetic listening, and information verification techniques to deeply understand the subject.
• A personal drive to perform to a standard of excellence, to be self-directed within the scope of the work and guidelines agreed, to persist when faced with obstacles, and be excited by achieving results on an ongoing basis.
• A proven ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve a shared goal for the good of the Company.
• Creativity in designing and developing training programs, with experience in structuring learning to be delivered in a self-directed and online environment.
• Familiarity with various trends in training, learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS) technology.
• Excellent verbal, written, interpersonal, and presentation skills.
• Solid analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Strong project management and organizational skills.

Required Education and Experience
• Bachelor’s degree, concentration in education, adult learning, or similar topics preferred.
• A minimum of 3 and preferably closer to 5 years of work experience, preferably with some having been in direct sales-driven business.
• Preferably some work experience related to in-company professional skills training and development.
• Strong Microsoft Office skills in all areas (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)

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