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Blue / Grey Melange Stripe


Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Founded in 1876 in Albino, Italy and still family run, Albini is world renowned as a fine connoisseur of cotton, and a weaver of impeccably high quality. Their exquisite designs are highly sought after by the world’s top luxury-goods manufacturers.
  • Weave: Broadcloth
  • Weight: Medium
  • Mill: Albini
1. Contrasting Fabric:250 options
2. Pocket:7 options
3. Buttons:2 styles, 2 colors
4. Monogram:3 types, 14 colors
5. Bottom:2 options
6. Cuffs:13 options
7. Back:3 options
8. Front:4 options
9. Contrast Stitching:14 colors
10. Collar:16 options
11. Collar Embroidery 
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